Issue #1 - The Burdens

September 1998 - Our Very First Issue

  • Interviews: The Burdens, Third Degree (Adam of S.E.E.D.), Jason Robinson
  • Editorials: Mom, Can I Stay Out �Til Midnight (by Oobliette Sparks of Tsunami Bomb), Pool-side Sass, Scene & Heard (local scene report).
  • Show reviews: Brian Setzer Orchestra, X-no-B, Jr. Anti-Sex League, Deep Throats, Royal Pine, Orisha
  • CD Reviews: Blindspot, The Bodies, Cannonball, Pure Santa Rosa, Soda Pop Fuck You, Seventh Day Rototiller, Adam Theis Ensemble
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb)

Issue #2 - Scatter-Shot Theory

October 1998 - Our Very Second Issue

  • Interviews: Scatter-Shot Theory (Michael of Idiom Creek), Inn of the Beginning venue feature, Laurie Anderson, Disflex-6
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, The Good Old Days and What�s Wrong with the Kids Now
  • Show reviews: Paranoid (Sabbath Tribute with Lance of Skitzo), Bobby Joe Ebola, Jason Robinson Quintet, Tilt, Mr. T Experience, Los Blockheads, Space Baby (featuring Oobliette of Tsunami Bomb), See Jane Run, Tsunami Bomb, The What-Nots, Edaline, The Great Divide, The Phoenix, Reuben Wilson, AFI, Good Riddance, Bus Rider, Fury 66, Butter, Azibo Tribe
  • CD Reviews: The Randumbs, Jeff Ott (Fifteen), Aphrodisiacs, Masturbation, The Conspiracy, Floppias, The Process, The Burdens, Kay Irvine, Jeff Mattison
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb)

Issue #3 - Edaline

November 1998 - The "Let's Take An Emo Band to a Shooting Range" Issue

  • Interviews: Edaline, Phalluscide, Hook Boog, The Sonoma County Musician�s Association, Skitzo, The Heat Creeps
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Ask Not What Your Scene Can Do for You, Pit Etiquette
  • Show reviews: Slow Gherkin, Blindspot, Jeffrey�s Fan Club, Animal Chin, The Eclectics, The Burdens, Romeo�s Dead, Chai Pai, The Siren Six, The Conspiracy, Pain, Les Claypool and Holy Mackerel, MIRV, Superunloader, Wingnut, Primus, Gluey Brothers, Bobby Joe Ebola, Little Tin Frog
  • CD Reviews: Dixie Star, Los Blockheads, Eric Lindell, Romeo�s Dead, The Abolitionists, Defile
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb)

Issue #4 - Les Claypool

December 1998 - The "How the Hell Did We Score This Interview" Issue

  • Interviews: Les Claypool (Primus), Royal Pine, High Intent, Frank Black (pixies), Sklura
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, The Song that Makes the Whole World Sing
  • Show reviews: Edna�s Goldfish, Monkey, The Wunder Years (Brian of The Ghost), The Conspiracy, Liberation, Savi, Grange 15, Scatter-Shot Theory, Four Wheel Jet, Sadie, Bic, Derge, Vegence, The Deftons, Geekfest, Plinky (Agent M of Tsunami Bomb), 26 MPH, Bobby Joe Ebola, Harbinger, The Bob Weirdos
  • CD Reviews: Moon Men, The What-Nots, Lazarus Jackson, Dave Hudson, The Westerleys, Voodoo Court
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb)

Issue #5 - Little Tin Frog

January 1999 - The "Party Like It's 1999. Oh wait, it is." Issue

  • Interviews: Little Tin Frog (Judah and Logan from The Velvet Teen), Daytura, Cowboy Junkies, Disalusion, Drunk as Fuck with the Lincolns
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Mumia Abu Jamal, In a Metal Mood: The Hesh Quiz, Less Cops Peaceful Streets
  • Show reviews: Goldfinger, Hepcat, Liars Inc., Upbeat, Scatter-Shot Theory, Disflex.6, Blindspot, Monkey, Los Blockheads, Jamons, Gollum, Kabala, Yellow Grass, Groove Instinct, Kaye Irvine, Debra Davis, The Mother Hips, Mumblin� Jim
  • CD Reviews: Space Baby, Enslavior, Cropduster, Punch the Clown, Lil� Bear and A.T.
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb)

Issue #6 - The Conspiracy

February 1999 - The Valentine's Issue

  • Interviews: The Conspiracy (Josh Staples of The Velvet Teen / The New Trust), Bombsquad 707
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Punk Rock Mid-life Crisis, Do What You Love for a Living, The Phoenix Theater closing?
  • Show reviews: James Brown, First Night, Edaline, Closing In, Incline, Army of Ants, Rhino Rape, Meriwether, Four Wheel Jet, Lost at Last, Marin General, Tha Insinceres, Bottle Rocket, The Reliables
  • CD Reviews: Little Tin Frog, Burnt Noodle, Piper Down, Nate & Cory Music, Bumble, Scattershot Theory
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb), and uh, Dracula�s Head (Blame Felix for this one))

Issue #7 - Adam Theis

March 1999 - The "Let's Dress Adam Up in Embarassing Armor" Issue

  • Interviews: Theis (of Cannonball), Farewell to Steam, Triple Deep, Cropduster
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Rock & Roll Suicide
  • Show reviews: Cropduster, Plan 9 , Aphrodisiacs, Skitzo, SCMA World Music Fest, Los Blockheads, Lucas, Gone Fishin�, The Reliables, Slow Gherkin, Tin Circus, The Wunder Years, Plinky, Burdens, The Reducers, The Slags, The Bodies, Stand Up Tragedy, High Intent
  • CD Reviews: Orisha, The H.B.�s, Capitalist Casualty, Taylor Maid, The Slags
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb)

Issue #8 - Bracket / Diesel Boy

April 1999 - The "Punk Rock Jocks" issue

  • Interviews: Bracket, Diesel Boy, Nomeansno, Closing In, 26 MPH
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, The Little Scene That Could, Fear and Loathing at Tattoos and Blues
  • Show reviews: Mose Allison, Kabala, Budderball, Clodhopper, The Roots, SNMA Women and their Music
  • CD Reviews: The Creepers (featuring Tim, original guitarist for Tsunami Bomb), Slow Gherkin, JB Blues Band, Goldilocks, Akanthos, Hellworms, The Duds, The Dread
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb)

Issue #9 - Undertoad

May 1999 - The "This Band Broke Up Again Before the Issue Was Out" Issue

  • Interviews: Undertoad, Unwritten Law, Enslavior
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Columbine: Everybody�s Wrong
  • Show reviews: Cubanismo, Abyssinians, Azibo Tribe, Acme Swing Co., Blue Cat Mob, The Gluey Brothers, Alkaline Trio, Chinkees, The Beatdowns, MU330, Slow Gherkin, Less Than Jake, Good Riddance, Frenzal Rhom, Limp, Disflex.6, Triple XXX, Blackfoot, Moodswings, High Intent, Undergroundlings, Full Moon
  • CD Reviews: The Heavies, Halou, Mumblin� Jim, Frida�s Circus, The Reliables
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb)

Issue #10 - Halou

June 1999 - The "Look What I Can Do with Photoshop" Issue

  • Interviews: Halou (local electronica), Kabala, Cohesion, Lance Ozanix of Skitzo
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Take Warning: Avoiding Violence in the Pit, The Next Big Thing
  • Show reviews: Trailer Park Rangers, Eros Pace, Cohesion, Edaline, Lucas, Benton Falls, The Bodies, Farewell to Steam, Fifteen, The Oozies, The Burdens
  • CD Reviews: Closing In, James Combs, Romeo�s Dead, Butter B-Down, Grange 15, The Pulsators, Electric Peach, Mainstream Trend
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb), Russ Oleson

Issue #11 - Third Degree

July 1999 - The "Oh God We're Tired, So Let's Take a Break After This Issue" Issue

  • Interviews: Third Degree (Adam Anderson from SEED), Sunday�s Best, Tsunami Bomb (their first interview ever!), Butter B-Down
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard (featuring Lance from Skitzo�s Jerry Springer appearance), Section M hiatus
  • Show reviews: Health and Harmony, Elvis Costello, Los Blockheads, Lucas, Neighborhood Noise, Scatter-Shot Theory, Orisha, Halou, DJ Benji, Buddy Guy, Angela Strehli, Legion of Mary, Dave Hudson Project, Burnpile, Hyannis Port Story, Five Alive
  • CD Reviews: Edaline, Shut Up Donny, The Wunder Years, Uncle Mark, Bracket, Diesel Boy, Mail Order is Still Fun Asian Man Comp, Smoov-E
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb), Spike�s World, Halogen Man

Issue #12 - The Wunder Years

December 1999 / January 2000 - The "We're Back" Issue

  • Interviews: The Wunder Years (Brian from The Ghost), The Shop in Sonoma, Smoov-E, Flesh & Vinyl: The North Bay Rave Scene
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Music is Nice � Personally I�m for It, Burning Man, Men at Work make Michael Reminisce, Soundbar 2000
  • Show reviews: Voodoo Glow Skulls, Gwar, Misfits, Mood Swings, Disflex.6, Living Legends, Fear of Sleep, Dorsoul, R & D, Loretta Lynn, R.L.Burnside, The Violent Femmes, Andy Warhol Tribute Show photo essay, Benton Falls, Sunday�s Best, Appleseed Cast, Pop Unknown
  • CD Reviews: Karry Walker, Endslavior, Fine to Drive, The Bodies, Primus, Meriwether, Kabala, John Allair & Friends, The What-Nots, Wine Country Christmas, The Christmas Jug Band, Third Degree, Heather Marie with Johnny Otis Band, The Sorentinos, Redline
  • Zine Reviews: Saturated, Dagger, Wine X
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb), Spike�s World

Issue #13 - Karry Walker

February / March 2000 - The "Lucky Issue 13" Issue

  • Interviews: Karry Walker, On the Road with Loose Change
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Yo Yo A Go Go, Laughing Blood, Sceneagram
  • Show reviews: The Knitters (John Doe and Excene Cervenka), The Ataris, No Motiv, Tsunami Bomb, Midnight Sun, Groundatin, Azibo Tribe, Barbarito Torres, Hook Boog, Blues Burners, The Postmen, Jeffrie�s Fanclub, RX Bandits, Headboard, Good for Nothings
  • CD Reviews: Skitzo (the funniest and longest CD review EVER!), 20 Minute Loop, Doyle Bramhall, Attic Salt, Edaline, Luckie Strike, Disflex.6, Mercury, Tsunami Bomb/Plinky Split, Young Punch, Nicotine, Modern Hicks, Gator Beat, The Wunder Years, Royal Pine
  • Zine Reviews: HER Magazine
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb), Spike�s World

Issue #14 - Papa Roach

April / May 2000 - The "Before Anybody Knew Who They Were" Issue

  • Interviews: Papa Roach (first cover interview EVER, one of the earliest interviews period), Caught on Tape: Grizzly Studios, Prairie Sun Studios
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, One from the Road: Headboard at Farmclub, How to Jump on Your Head and Die, The Alternative Press Expo, Soundbar 2000
  • Show reviews: The No-Goods, The Unknowns, The Chunski�s, The Tonkas, The Reliables, Everyone�s Dead Hero, Tsunami Bomb, Loose Change, Boy Kicks Girl, Shut Up Donny, Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, Little Tin Frog, Slow Gherkin, Let�s Go Bowling, Guster, Five AM, Evolution of the Blues, Kids at Risk show, Eliades Ochoa, The Slage, Nerve Agents, All the Answers, SEED, Cocksparrar, Purifide 3 Year Anniversary, The Wunder Years, Reel Big Fish, Alien Ant Farm, Raekwon, Disflex.6, Scatter-Shot Theory
  • CD Reviews: Shut Up Donny, Nerf Herder, Mark Growden, NOFX, SFB, Life In Braille, The Tonkas, Enemies/Secondhandspit, Deathray, Kalifornia Redemption, Bobby Joe Ebola, Lee Press-On and the Nails, Solid Air, Dorsoul, Andy Graham, The Round, The Mahi-Mahis, David Correa
  • Zine Reviews: Have You Seen the Dog Lately, Riot, Urg!, Last Judgement, My World, Out of Order, The Writes of Passage
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb), Spike�s World

Issue #15 - Tsunami Bomb

June / July 2000 - The "Gutter Punks" Issue

  • Interviews: Tsunami Bomb (first cover story EVER), Grandaddy, SFB
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Prose Only: Two Musings on the Lawrence Ferlinghetti Poetry Reading, One from the Road: The Velvet Teen goes to Iceland, The Biz: Mastering your CD
  • Show reviews: MIRV, Wingnut, Virginia Dare, Sarah Dougher, Ani DiFranco, Hamell on Trial, Reverend Horton Heat, Los Straight Jackets, Blackaliscious, The Sugar Hill Gang, Chrome Rubber, LOL, Butter B-Down, The Duds, Dorsoul, Kabala
  • CD Reviews: Deathray, SEED, The Bodies, Durin�s Bane, Punk Rock Strike Vol. 1, Hook Boog, Hissing Head Productions Comp II, Papa Roach, Tony Stouffer, Bracket, The Ataris/Useless I.D. split, Cat Austin, The Lincolns, The Frustrators
  • Zine Reviews: Alstromeria, Solid, RATE, Shredding Paper, Slingshot
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb), Spike�s World

Issue #16 - The Deftones

August / September 2000 - The "I'll TELL You How We Got This Interview" Issue

  • Interviews: The Deftones (one of the very first interviews granted when White Pony was coming out), Kaye Irvine
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, The Big Chill: How We Finally Got the Deftones Interview (and Behind the Scenes of the Deftones Tour), Warped Perspective: Behind the Scenes at the Warped Tour, Who Do They Think They�re Fooling Anyway?, With Deadly Force: The Stolen Lives Project
  • Show reviews: Youth Brigade, Swingin� Utters, Welt, Public Safety, Karry Walker, Atticus Finch, The Velvet Teen, The Mad Caddies, Slow Gherkin, Grade, Shut Up Donny, Tony Levin, Fear of Sleep, Michelle Shocked
  • CD Reviews: The Wunder Years / Sorry About the Fire split, 26 MPH, Grandaddy, Burnside, Dance Hall Crashers, Boxcar, Luckie Strike, One Man Army, Birthday, The Rub, Sonny Smith, Mismatched Socks, Los Rabbis, Snuff, Steve Wolfe
  • Comics: Moonbeam, Spike�s World

Issue #17 - Loose Change

October / November 2000 - The "Crotches of Glory" Issue

  • Interviews: Loose Change (Chon Travis from Love=Death), Less than Jake, Life In Braille, Majesty�s Monkey
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, One from the Road: Logan Whitehurst goes to Hell, Sonic Beat
  • Show reviews: Suicidal Tendencies, SEED, Butter B-Down, The Stitches, The Bodies, The Burdens, The Zodiac Killers, John Doe Thing, One Line Drawing, Gabe Meline, Slamfest 2000, Insanity Puppets, PCP, Daytura, Outrage, Enslavior, Disflex.6, Wane & Vader, Blackfoot, Inner Dialogue, Colonel Les Claypool and his Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, Los Lobos, 20 Minute Loop, Scott Miller, Yuji Oniki, The Oblivion Seekers, Julie Reid
  • CD Reviews: Punk Goes Metal, Mates of State, Wingnut, Mumble & Peg, Sixty Foot Time, Nerve Agents, Gina Malfatti, Burnpile, The Vandals, Vicious Delite, Stephen Pearcy, Dorsoul, Mousehead, Mad Caddies, The Gears, Beachwood Sparks, Against All Authority, Little Tin Frog, The Tonkas, Those Unknown, Dora Flood, Dillinger Four, Murder City Devils
  • Comics: Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb), Moonbeam, Spike�s World

Issue #18 - Mates of State

December 2000 / January 2001 - The "Commemorative Integrity Issue"

  • Interviews: Mates of State (first cover ever), The Ataris (very early interview), The Secret Band (the original name of The Velvet Teen), Burnside, Agnostic Front, The Voodoo Glow Skulls
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, One from the Road: A Girl on Tour with Dieselboy, Sonic Beat
  • Show reviews: Save Ferris, Tsunami Bomb, 20 Minute Loop, Alice Cooper, The Donnas, Oddvillian Sideshow, Slash�s Snakepit, Counterbalance, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter
  • CD Reviews: Tsunami Bomb, AFI, Deadweight, Life in Braille, 86 (the band), Dillinger Four, Pinhead Gunpowder, Port Lite Compilation, MIRV, The Bodies, The Rum Diary, Trust Foundation, Eric Lindell and the Reds, Victims Family, The Secret Band, The Velvet Teen, Hopelessly Devoted Vol 3, Selby Tigers, The Weakerthans, Superficial Hero, Josh Freese, The Foxymorons
  • Video Reviews: Half Japanese
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Dominic Davi (ex-Tsunami Bomb), Spike�s World

Issue #19 - AFI

February / March 2001 - Another "Before They Were Famous" Issue

  • Interviews: AFI (first cover interview ever!), Goldfinger, The Rum Diary, Resilience
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Backstage at the Anger Management Tour, Ode to my Vibrator
  • Show reviews: The Pattern, Drake�s Equation, Majesty�s Monkey, Megan McEleroy, Polkacide, Jonathan Richman
  • CD Reviews: Emo Diaries, Another Year on the Streets, Rocket from the Crypt, Starflyer 59, Narcoleptic Youth, Merle Haggard, Badlands Tribute, Dave Hudson, Propagandhi, Death on Wednesday, Robert Walters 50th Congress, Electro Group, Earwig, Fine China, Juliana Theory, Timespentdriving, Popular World Comp, The Brodys, Nuisance, The Gone With the Wind of Punk Rock Samplers, Big D and the Kids Table
  • Book Reviews: Merle Haggard�s For the Record
  • Video Reviews: Meeting People is Easy: Radiohead
  • Comics: Well Dressed Emo Boy, Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Spike�s World

Issue #20 - Merle Haggard

April / May 2001 - The "Wow, Didn't Expect You Guys to Put Merle on the Cover" Issue

  • Interviews: Merle Haggard, 26 MPH, Rocket From the Crypt, No Means No, Black Heart Procession, Superficial Hero, Drake�s Equation
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, One from the Road: The Wunder Years (at this point featuring Josh of The Velvet Teen), How do you Afford Your Rock and Roll Lifestyle?
  • Show reviews: Nomeansno, Removal, SALT, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Mumble and Peg, Red Bennies, Wesley Willis
  • CD Reviews: Out of Step Records Bottled Violence Comp, Rocket From the Crypt / Get Up Kids split 7�, Cursive, The White Octave, Blame Cindy, Shut Up Donny, The Mountain Goats, The Stitches / Le Shok split 7�, Diesel Boy, Idiom Creek, The Ataris, Disflex.6, Electric Frankenstein, Translation Music comp, Creeper Lagoon, Deimos, Bad Astronaut, Face to Face, Begit N� Frenz, Milwaukee, Superdrag
  • Video Reviews: The Year Punk Broke
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Spike�s World

Issue #21 - The International Noise Conspiracy

June / July 2001 - The "Section M goes to Sweden" Issue

  • Interviews: The International Noise Conspiracy, Cursive, No Means No, Creeper Lagoon, Sin in Space, Derge
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Illustrated Guide to Metal Signs, Encyclopedia Metallica
  • Show reviews: Life in Braille, The Drop Science, The Velvet Teen, The Rum Diary, Fort Eerie, Caesura, Xiu Xiu, Joan Jett
  • CD Reviews: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Atom and His Package, The Briefs, Sin in Space, Dynamite Boy, Cursive, Mad Caddies, Colonel Les Claypool, The Pattern, John Hammond, Rise Against, Sunset Leagues, Zodiac Killers, Tom Waits, Further Seems Forever, Dashboard Confessional, The Wunder Years, Alkaline Trio, Thursday, The Rum Diary, No Motiv, Dogwood, Logan Whitehurst and the Junior Science Club
  • Video Reviews: That Darn Punk
  • Comics: Spike�s World

Issue #22 - The Pattern

August / September 2001 - The "We Still Love the Bay Area, Promise" Issue

  • Interviews: The Pattern, Slayer, Some Other Guys, The Ghost, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Nadine�s Wild Weekend, The Pit
  • Show reviews: The Briefs, Los Dryheavers, The Crack Pipes, Fightbacks
  • CD Reviews: Stalin Claus Superstar, Benton Falls, Alpha Motherfucker Turbo Negro tribute, Starflyer 59, TSOL, The Dickies, Holly Golightly, Flamin� Groovies, James Combs, Henry Fiat�s Open Sore, Polysics, Minus, Waterdown, Moviola, You Will Never Hear From Us Again comp, The Blast Rocks!!!, The Drop Science, Burnside
  • Video Reviews: Rock and Roll High School
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Spike�s World

Issue #23 - The Donnas

October / November 2001 - The "Girlie Rock" Issue

  • Interviews: The Donnas, MIRV, Nashville Pussy, Ex-Girl, Shut Up Donny, The Librarians
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, The 9/11 Essays
  • Show reviews: Firebird Band, Mercury Program, Pocket for Corduroy, Deimos, John Hammond, Jonathan Richman, Ween
  • CD Reviews: 20 Minute Loop, The Pattern, No Use for a Name, The Poor Rich Ones, Appleseed Cast, The Now Time Generation, Dirtbombs, Fenix TX, Tonalism comp, Modest Mouse, Mates of State 7�, The Impossibles, Hit by a Semi, Son Ambulance, The Incredible Moses Leroy, Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra, Boilermaker, How Many Bands does it Take to Screw Up a Blondie Tribute, Mercury Program, Sugarcult, Half Empties, 26 MPH, The Real McKenzies, Slim Cessna�s Auto Club, The Unseen, Woe, Emo Diaries 6, MxPx, No Motiv, Grade, Son of Sam
  • Video Reviews: Another State of Mind
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Spike�s World

Issue #24 - The Briefs

December 2001 / January / February 2002 - The "Yet Again, We're Way Ahead of the Curve" Issue

  • Interviews: The Briefs, Alien Ant Farm, 20 Minute Loop, Starflyer 59, Unominame, Electro Group, Omnibus Records
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Rock Slut Manifesto
  • Show reviews: The Anniversary, Mars Volta, Mates of State, Fetish, No Use for a Name, Diesel Boy, Dynamite Boy, Texas Theives
  • CD Reviews: The Velvet Teen (with very cool illustration), Cannonball, The Hives, Superchunk, The International Noise Conspiracy, Fugazi, Le Tigre, Oysterhead, Port Lite Comp II, Quietlife, The Dismemberment Plan, Kosher, Hoobastank, Ides of Space, Owen, Engine Down, Dead Meadow, Rival Schools, Glasseater, Mogwai, Dead Red Sea, Frank Lenz
  • Video Reviews: Songs for Cassavettes, AC/DC Let There Be Rock
  • Book Reviews: We Owe You Nothing, Bye Bye Baby: My Tragic Love Affair with the Bay City Rollers, Heavier than Heaven
  • Comics: Spike�s World

Issue #25 - Fat Wreck Chords

March / April 2002 - The "Punk Rock Royalty" Issue

  • Interviews: Fat Mike and Erin from Fat Wreck Chords, Wesley Willis (RIP � I swear, this is the best interview ever conducted with Wesley), Tomohawk, Substandard Records, Locale AM, Box the Compass, No Use for a Name, Rival Schools
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard
  • Show reviews: GWAR, God Forbid, Goatwhore, Blind Boys of Alabama, Wanda Jackson, Ray Campi, Deke Dickerson
  • CD Reviews: Mates of State, The Stitches, Death Cab for Cutie, Ozma, Lawrence Arms, Tristeza, The Moldy Peaches, The Glad Game, Fantomas, The Anniversary, Translation Music 2, Antipop Consortium, Will Haven, Beulah, Bad Religion, Life In Braille, Low Flying Owls, Honest Don�s Dirty Dishes comp, Mest, The Extra Glenns, Bullets for Barry
  • Video Reviews: Girl Can�t Help It
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Spike�s World

Issue #26 - The Hives

May / June 2002 - The "Way, Way, WAAAYYY Ahead of Everyone Else, Again!" Issue

  • Interviews: The Hives, The Coup, Trackstar, Sugarcult, Under a Dying Sun, Fleshies, Springman Records
  • Editorials: & Heard, Obituary: Beth O�Brien, The Hot Box (The Hoods, Dealership, Exposure, Los Dryheavers, The Lab Rats, From Monument to Masses)
  • Show reviews: The Epoxies, The Panthers, Engine Down, Caesura, Atom and His Package, Plus Ones, The Blasters
  • CD Reviews: The Ghost, I Love Metal comp, Track Star, The Bananas, Rum Diary, Locale AM, The Velvet Teen, Hatebreed, Dinosaur Jr., The Epoxies, Soilwork, Twothrityeight, Finch, Emo Diaries Chapter 7, Nathaniel Meriwether Presents Lovage, The Lab Rats, Sixty Stories / Painted Thin split, Billy Music, The Reunion Show, Ultimate Fakebook, Portastatic, Jim O�Rourke, Masada, Weezer, Bullets for Barry
  • Video Reviews: Fishing with John, Fear of a Punk Planet, Hang the VJ
  • Video Reviews: Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth
  • Comics: Logan Whitehurst (ex-Velvet Teen), Spike�s World

Issue #27 - The Get Up Kids

July / August / September 2002 - The "Boy, it's Really Starting to Take Longer to Put Out Each Issue" Issue

  • Interviews: The Get Up Kids, Team Sleep (Chino from the Deftones� side project. One of the only interviews ever granted for it), Deathcab for Cutie, Dismemberment Plan, Dan the Automator (of Gorillaz), Absolutely Kosher, Exposure, Dealership
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Papa Roach�s Brilliant Plan, Obituary: Dee Dee Ramone, A Complete Waste of Time, Hot Box (Drunk Horse, The Set Up, Hostility, Boston Auto, The Plus Ones, Outtaline)
  • Show reviews: AFI, The Distillers, Manic Hispanic, Fabulous Disaster, Pinhead Circus
  • Video Reviews: The Librarians, The Hellacopters, Papa Roach, Paul Westerberg, Pocket for Corduroy, Ride, Tom Waits, Time in Malta / Breathe In split, Pirx the Pilot, Atreyu, Cursive / Eastern Youth split, Deimos, Dillinger Four, Model A, Hella, Kaito, Manifesto Jukebox, Trackstar, The Chantigs, The Dukes of Hamburg, NASCAR on Fox comp, Victory Style comp, Underneath, Xiu Xiu, Tim Berne, The Queers, luna, Killawatts, Bullets for Barry
  • Book Reviews: Nankering with the Rolling Stones

Issue #28 - Tsunami Bomb

October / November / December 2002 - The "Yup, This is Their Second Cover" Issue

  • Interviews: Tsunami Bomb, For Stars, Skinlab, Hella, The Cuts
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Vulture�s Row Debacle, Complete Waste of Time, The Hot Box (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Angry Amputees, Our Lady of the Highway, The Drive Home, Groovie Ghoulies, Triple Nipple, All Bets Off), Recording Corner: Mics
  • Show reviews: Dredg, Division Day, Question the Answers, Timespentdriving, Keeping Ellis, Sonic Youth, Mirv, North Coast Underground, Tattoo and Music Festival, Pollywog vs. Xeno, Nadines Wild Weekend: Simon Stinger, American Heartbreak, Hell Brothers, Barbee Killed Kenn, Angry Amputees, Fetish, Zip Nada, Green Light the Bombers, Judo Rodriguez, Scott Amendola Band
  • CD Reviews: Dave Gleason�s Wasted Days, Hellacopters, Ben Weasel, Meshuggah, Halo Friendlies, Jason Lowenstein, Fiver, From Monument to Masses, The All American Rejects, The Blow, Frank Black and the Catholics, Crime in Choir, In Falmes, Ent, Karate, Bullets for Barry
  • Video Reviews: The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Tackle Happy: The Origins of Puppetry of the Penis, Lance Sterling: Off the Case, Vulgar, Sublime Live �94-�96
  • Book & Zine Reviews: Twentieth Century Eightball by Daniel Clowes, Dogtown: The Legend of the Z-Boys
  • Comics: Really Depressing Comic

Issue #29 - Cursive

January / February 2003 - The "Growing Very Tired Again" Issue

  • Interviews: Cursive, Thrice, John Vanderslice, Adrien Tomine, Angry Amputees, Hostility, The Phenomenauts, Coldfront Records
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Obituaries: Don Perrott and Caitlin Byrd / Joe Strummer, Take Action: No War in Iraq, Hot Box (the evening, Dexter Danger, Time in Malta, Ones & Zeros, Breathe In, Clearing Autumn Skies), Prime Grade (Animosity, Loquat, Oliver Brown Trio, One Fine Day, Gravy Train!!!, For the Crown), Complete Waste of Time, Recording Corner: Compressors and Limiters, Ask the Answer Bunny: The Buzz
  • Show reviews: Dirtbombs, Detroit Cobras, KO & the Knockouts, Glass Candy and the Shattered Theater, Curtains, Curse of the Birthmark, The Cuts, The Pinks, The Shakes, The Rum Diary, Oxbow, The Drop Science, The Set Up, Andrew WK, Most Precious Blood, Hedwig and the Angry Inch live at the Victoria Theater, Cannibal Corpse, Tease-O-Rama
  • CD Reviews: The Rum Diary, Starflyer 59, Transplants, The Kills, Raised Fist, Terror, Yesterday�s Kids, Unearth, Ultralash, The Hextalls, The Hard Feelings, Xiu Xiu, The Soft Boys, Deflator Mouse, Roger Miret and the Disasters, The Pattern, Park, Neva Dinova, Bullets for Barry
  • DVD / Video Reviews: L.I.E., D.I.Y. or Die, The Melvins Live, Head, A Life of It�s Own
  • Video Game Reviews: Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Tony Hawk Proskater 4, Road Trip, BMX XXX, The Emo Game
  • Book / Zine Reviewss: Despite Everything: The Cometbus Omnibus, English as a Second Fucking Language, Readymade Magazine
  • Comics: Really Depressing Comic

Issue #30 - The Hope Conspiracy

March / April / May 2003 - The "Very Close to Death" Issue

  • Interviews: The Hope Conspiracy, The Used, Hot Hot Heat, Atom & His Package, Locale AM, Gravy Train, Los Dryheavers, Slowdance Records
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Does Protest Still Work?, Prime Grade (Crack We Are Rock, Western, Junior Panthers, Embrace the End, Archaeopteryx, Nigel Peppercock, Devil Makes Three, The Pleased, Arnocorps, Anton Barbeau, Hate Mail Express, Life Long Tragedy), Local Spotlight: The Matches, A Complete Waste of Time, Recording Corner: Drums
  • Show reviews: Extreme Elvis, The Bangs, Flying Luttenbachers, Erase Eratta, Murder Murder, Dynasty, Radio Reelers, Noisepop, Dark Places, Muggers, Memorial Show for Don and Caitlin
  • CD Reviews: Aisler�s Set, Dirtnap Across the Northwest, Bats Need Friends, M Ward, Scorched Earth Policy, Hammerfall, Hint Hint, The Blood Brothers, The Contract Killers, The Mountain Goats, Devil Makes Three, Count the Stars, The Distraction, The Pulses, Sahara Hotnights, Slapshot, Grave, Dirt Bike Annie, Holding On, RamallahBullets for Barry
  • DVD / Video Reviews: Dog Sitter DVD, My So Called Life Complete Series, Eddie Izzard Dress to Kill, Eling, Drawing Flies
  • Comics: Animal Crossing, Panzer Dragoon: Orta, The Getaway, Seek and Destroy, Disaster Report
  • Comics: Really Depressing Comic, Skewed Perspective

Issue #31 - Chuck Palahniuk

June 2003 / Now and Forever - The "That's All Folks" Issue

  • Interviews: Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club, only his second cover interview ever), The Hoods, Turbo Negro, Minus the Bear, Joe Leonard, Joe Dub, Animosity
  • Editorials: Scene & Heard, Best of Readers Poll Results, Prime Grade (Killing of Mind, Bottles and Skulls, Drowning Adam, First Blood, Gritt, Pains of Sleep, Escape Engine, Kickstand), State of Mind: The Rave Act, Complete Waste of Time
  • Show reviews: Blood Brothers, Akimbo, Breathe In, Fighting Riley, Ex-Girl, Paradise Island, Subarachnoid Space, Skin Ink and Noise Fest, Unominame, Heat Creeps, Matches, Desa, Normal Like You, The Drive Home, Offset, The Genues, Cr�me Blush, Adult, Magas, Ghost Orchid
  • CD Reviews: Jello Biafra, The Cuts, Fro the Crown, Amazing Transparent Man, Soilwork, Blue Collar Special, Deerhoof, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Saddle Creek 50, The Hoods, Beauty Pill, Murder City Devils, Metallica, Helloween, Somehow Hollow, Solace, The Defaced, Dream Evil, Nagflar, Awkward Thought, Lamb of God, Pistol Grip, Goin� Places, Consumed, Gossip, Tribute to the Smoking Popes, Ozma, Copeland, Eleventeen, The Exploding Hearts, Rubber City Rebels, Los Dryheavers, Bullets for Barry
  • DVD / Video Reviews: Standing in the Shadows of Motown, Last Orders, Desperate Teenage Lovedolls, Wesley Willis: The Daddy of Rock and Roll, Full Frontal, Shane McGowan: If I Should Fall From Grace, Chelsea Walls, Tadpole, Personal Velocity
  • Video Game Reviews: Def Jam: Vendetta, Gallop Racer 2003, Amplitude, Pikmin, Ikaruga, Clock Tower 3
  • Book & Zine Reviews: Angelhead, A Massive Swelling, Dead End, Kitchen Sink Magazine
  • Comics: Really Depressing Comic, Spike�s World